Watch Love Grow - Kindness Grants

We are on a bold quest to collectively Watch Love Grow by igniting heartfelt warriors, like you, to joyfully share acts of love and kindness in your community. We truly believe that ‘Love is the Answer” which is why we are awarding Kindness Grants between $100-$250 for you to share your one-of-a-kind love stamp on the world around you.  Your Heart Print.  

We are looking for creative ideas that add an element of surprise like putting $10 bills with a kind note on shelves in the grocery store or handing out love pendants on the street or paying for 10+ people in your favorite coffee shop. We LOVE creative ideas.  Of course, we also appreciate projects that directly help people in need like making care packets for the homeless with your family or serving lunch to tent city.  The more people impacted the better!  

We will be capturing your stories through pictures and videos and sharing them with the world on our website and Instagram.  We are designing a virtual space where anyone can come and feel their heart lifted, get inspired, connect, shed a heart-bursting tear and be reminded of the power of love and kindness.  We will be tracking the impact of your actions so we can, literally, WATCH LOVE GROW.

We are doing this one heart at a time, and it begins with YOU!

Have Questions?  We have answers in the application.


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